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Text Box: June 2014
2nd:	 	As the Pages Turn Book Club 6:30 pm
2nd:		Summer Reading Program BEGINS 
4th:		Computer Class 6:00 pm
4th:		Young Adult Book Club 5:00 pm
11th:		Library CLOSED –Under Construction
13h	Ladies Night at the Movies 6:00 pm “Saving Mr. Banks”
16th:		Summer Reading Craft Time Begins 
			Mondays—6:00 pm 
			Wednesdays—11: am  
		*Please attend only one sessions per week*
		(must be reading in the reading program to attend)
17th:		Library Board Meeting 7:30 pm (Public Welcome)
18th:		Computer Class 6:00 pm
20th:  	Family Movie Night 6:00 pm “Mary Poppins” 
24th:  	Mystery Book Club 5:00 pm
6th-27th:  ON Friday Morning Only Book Buzz

July 2014
2nd:		Young Adult Book Club 5:00 pm
2nd:		Computer Class 6:00 pm
4th:		CLOSED “Happy 4th of July”
7th:	 	As the Pages Turn Book Club 6:30 pm
8th:  	Library Board Meeting 7:30 pm (Public Welcome)
11th: 		Ladies Night at the Movies 6:00 pm “Awkward Moment”
16th:   	Computer Class 6:00 pm
18th:  	Family Movie Night 6:00 pm “Lego Movie”
22nd:  	Mystery Book Club 5:00 pm 
25th:		Summer Reading Program ENDS (Aug. 8-Wrap-up-party)

Come join us and have fun at the Library!

Creve Coeur

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Creve Coeur Library

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Testing & Education Reference Center

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10:00 am to 2:00 pm

Chilton automotive library provides exclusive photographs, diagnostics designed by instructors, step-by-step repair procedures, Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) maintenance schedules, wiring diagrams, recalls and Technical Service Bulletins (TSBs) for automobiles and light trucks in one easy-to-use web site.

Testing & Education Reference Center a start-to-finish resource with all the information and support materials needed to make informed, confident decisions to shape the rest of your life.

· Scholarship search featuring $8 billion in available scholarships

· Resume builder with over 1,000 brainstorming phrases to get you started

· Career modules covering subjects from career change to salary negotiations

· Over 300 practice tests and courses

· Dozens of ebooks containing valuable study material and practice tests

· Information on over 4,000 accredited schools

Legal forms: The legal forms include business, personal, litigation and federal forms.  General Business Forms are forms, which may be used in all 50 states with little modification.  General Litigation Forms are various litigation forms covering many diverse causes of action. These forms are easily modified by Attorneys to apply in their state. State Specific Forms are forms provided by Participating Attorneys, form companies, or forms specifically adapted to a particular state.  Federal Forms are business and litigation forms used in the Federal system.

**** Public users should consult an attorney in your state for serious legal matters. ****

Career Transitions can help you make the most of your job searching and career exploration efforts. The site is organized by resources that will help you Find a New Job, and those that will help you Discover a New Career.

Monday 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.

Tuesday-Friday 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Drop Box available for after hours returns

Phone: 309-699-7921 / Fax: 309-699-0949 / Email: crcopld@hotmail.com

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Every Friday the Month of June

Time                  Age Group

9:00-9:30          K-2nd Grade “Howard B. Wigglebottom Learns

9:45-1015         3rd-5th Grade 

10:30-11:00      6th-8th Grade “Blubber”

11:00-11:30      Middle School/Jr. High HARTS

1:00-2:00          High School HARTS

1:00-1:30          Middle School/Jr. High Mind Over Muscle

1:30-2:00          High School Mind Over Muscle G     

For more information, please stop by the library and pick up a flyer.